Welcome To POWER OF 3²

Creating Global Prosperity With Our Unique Cooperative Business Model


POWER OF 3² is an innovative program providing the tools and training to help people of all walks of 
life build a successful business from home.

POWER OF 3² is also a portal to other unique and powerful income streams as well as a VIP membership program that enables people to purchase Gold and Silver at SPOT or wholesale price.



For the first time since the concept of the home or MLM business was created, approximately 70 years ago, we have a solution to overcome the disappointing statistic which concludes that 98% of the people make little or no money with the MLM business model. In other words, most people fail in the MLM industry. It is also a unique solution if you are tired of trading your time for money and want more time in order to enjoy life to the fullest.



The simple answer is CHANGE. In other words, a Paradigm Shift in the way people think and operate in this industry as well as the way people are paid.

POWER OF 3² is spearheading a real Paradigm Shift for the entire home business industry by creating a company utilizing the cooperative business model where the members actually own the company as opposed to an individual or a corporation and This Changes Everything!

James C Hill, better known as JC, is the founder of POWER OF 3². JC realized that the entire MLM industry, although with good intentions of helping people succeed, sadly failed to deliver on their promises. He then set out to create an entirely different system based on the concept of a cooperative enterprise where, for the first time, everyone can succeed not just the typical 2%.



Our economies are in question no matter where you live. There is so much uncertainty as to one’s financial future and the only way to be in control of your future is to TAKE control of it and POWER OF 3² is providing the tools and education to do just that with online marketing.

Millions of people worldwide are finding this out and are taking control of their financial futures. While you don’t need any experience, you do need the correct tools and POWER OF 3² provides those tools.

We also believe that when we can help liberate people financially it will not only eliminate much of their stress but will also unlock their capacity and potential to achieve their dreams.



POWER OF 3² was created with YOU in mind. We provide the tools you need as well as the training on how to use them. Knowing what tools work in the Online Marketing World is one thing, but knowing how to use them makes all the difference.

In addition to POWER OF 3² you will also have access to our exciting and powerful Multi-program Automated Synchronous System or “M.A.S.S.” a very special team-building tool designed to bring the same members into multiple programs.

A traditional home business can cost you anywhere from $100, $200, $500 or more just to get started. Now you can enjoy the benefits of having your own home business in POWER OF 3² with a low entry point of only $3. It’s likely the person who shared this exciting business with you will bless you and pay it forward for you (see info tab 2). You will also be presented with 11 additional equally powerful opportunities, a total of 12, that give you the potential to increase your financial success.

POWER OF 3² will provide step by step training to get you started on the right track. Even if you have never worked online before, we will provide you with the training to help you succeed. Each journey starts with the first step.

Are you ready to go on this amazing journey with us and create...