Building Success and Prosperity to Reach Your Dreams


Did you know the average millionaire has 7 different streams of income? According to most experts, making money through multiple streams of income is a huge factor in how financially successful you become.

At POWER OF 3² we are big believers in this concept. In fact, due to its obvious ability to build wealth and sustain it over a long period of time, POWER OF 3² was created.



POWER OF 3² is a portal into the additional income streams. When you register or become a member you have activated the first of eleven (11) incredible income streams. In addition, you will receive training and a FREE marketing system.

Although registration for POWER OF 3² is FREE, the BASIC membership, should you choose to upgrade, is three (3) dollars every 28 days. Although not required, the first payment for the BASIC membership is generally paid for by the person who referred you to the company. This is part of our unique Pay It Forward system.

The compensation plan, as it is with most of the other income streams, pays the referring member immediately for all transactions and as a reward for paying it forward for a new member, there is a unique Pay it Forward Bonus.

SPECIAL NOTE: FREE members are also entitled to commissions (first level only) in all programs excluding the 
VIP membership program.



After registering with POWER OF 3² you have the option to upgrade to a VIP membership for an annual fee of twenty one (21) dollars. This yearly membership gives you the ability to purchase gold and silver at SPOT or wholesale prices. NO commission is paid on the purchase of gold and or silver but there is a commission payout on seven (7) levels for the VIP membership.



7 RINGS OF WEALTH & WISDOM gives you access to seven (7) educational programs having an income stream attached to each one of them.

These 7 educational programs or 7 RINGS OF WEALTH & WISDOM will teach you how to have balance in the important areas of your life. As you share this program with others you will have the opportunity to earn from each ring to create the wealth you deserve.

When you register with 7 RINGS OF WEALTH & WISDOM you will begin on Ring 1 and continue to Ring 7, taking advantage of a series of very valuable educational teachings while enjoying our very lucrative compensation structure. Although the membership is FREE to access Ring 1 there is an upgrade of a one-time payment of $5 which, although optional, is paid forward by the person who referred you or other members in your upline. This is a revolutionary new concept where for the first time new members don’t have to pay anything out of pocket to get started while still being able to earn commissions. There is an upgrade for each of the seven rings.

All of the educational programs in 7 RINGS OF WEALTH & WISDOM have a Pay It Forward element along with a Pay It Forward Bonus. In addition, there are several very powerful passive income streams attached to the 7 RINGS OF WEALTH & WISDOM.

As mentioned above you are paid immediately upon all transactions. FREE members also earn commissions.



ShOut Nation

This income stream is a game changer. ShOut Nation is a proprietary social media app designed to disrupt the existing social media platforms implementing real sharing of the profits with its users.

The ShOut Nation app is a hybrid Public and Private instant messaging app with 4 key functions.

1. ShOut Gives users a public forum to express themselves on whatever topic they desire.     They can add pictures, video, documents and more.

2. Buzz Public news feed of ShOuts from all our users on a global basis.

3. Listen Allows the user to create private channels of the Buzz to follow their favorite     ShOut authors.

4. Talk Private messenger that allows users to have one-on-one or group conversations      with their contacts. In our Turbo version you can do live video calls as well.

What sets ShOut Nation app apart from our competition is that by using a cooperative association (CoOp) users, as members, can earn referral commissions by helping grow this global network.

Registration is FREE. However, there is a membership upgrade of $6/ month. When your personally referred members upgrade…YOU GET PAID!



Coming Soon: this program can explode your financial abundance in addition to all the other ten (10) programs so you can finally live the stress free life that you deserve. No details are available at this time. All information will be released and published when it becomes available.

We are extremely proud to be part of the Sharing Economy with our Cooperative Business model and to offer YOU a chance to be part of eleven (11) separate income streams within one unique company…POWER OF 3².